Remembering Baby Rowan

No parent ever imagines that they will have to live without their child. No parent ever plans on it happening to them. The loss of a child is always something that happens to some other terribly unlucky soul…until it tragically happens to you. Rowan's program photo July 2014

Suddenly, you find yourself living the nightmare. You have a hard time breathing, eating, sleeping, living. You wonder how you’ll ever live without your precious child in your arms. The pain is so raw, so deep, so indescribable that it is all encompassing.

As the days without your child turn into weeks, you realize some of the people you considered close friends or family have distanced themselves from you. Your loss is so devastating that they seemingly cannot figure out how to talk to you or be around you, let alone support you. Perhaps even worse, is when these loved ones say or do things that contribute to your shattered heart.

But, then there’s other people, with such a deep sense of empathy that they know exactly how to show their love and support without adding to your heartache. You find yourself in disbelief that many of these most supportive people are individuals you hardly even know, like Andy, and his wife Megan.

I met Andy through my work at the Ecology Center, we hardly knew each other, but he and Megan have been incredibly supportive since our loss of Micah. They’ve listened to our tragic story, they’ve sent heartfelt notes, they’ve contributed time and time again to our efforts of giving back in honor of Micah.

Andy and Megan never imagined they would experience the same loss.

Recently, Andy and Megan tragically lost their baby boy Rowan just three days after he was born. They ask for prayers for their family and baby Rowan during this incredibly difficult time. Our family extends our deep sorrow for the devastating loss of their beautiful baby boy. We are deeply honored and touched that Andy and Megan have asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Micah Smiles Fund in honor of precious Rowan. We hope that Andy and Megan can find peace knowing they are giving back to other families in honor of Rowan.

The Micah Smiles Fund ensures all children at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital receive the healing sound of music during their hospitliazation. Donations in honor of Rowan can be made here.

Sweet dreams, sweet Rowan. You are deeply missed and forever loved, baby boy.